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LCM Italia SpA – Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

LCM Italia designs and manufactures isolation quarter turn ball valves for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry.
LCM valve product stands on the highest quality and performance levels among the Italian ball valve manufacturers.

Product range covers manual operated and actuated On-Off valves to serve several applications and fluids to handle : oil, gas, condensate, water, steam, various chemicals and aggressive media. All valves are designed by LCM Italia Engineering Department using the most advanced CAD & FEM software.

Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves

API-6D valves are available in the following design configuration:

  • Side Entry bolted body in two or three pieces configuration
  • Welded Body obtained from 2/3 pieces forged rings and/or spherical half bodies
  • Top Entry configuration (maintainable on the line)

Several alternatives are available in terms of:

  • Seating (soft, soft vs. hard-faced ball or metal to metal)
  • Seals selection (elastomeric, thermoplastic, graphitic or metal)
  • Seat configuration (single / double piston effect or combination)

Floating Ball Valves (seat supported)

ISO-17292 (formerly BS 5351) valves are with following body design:

  • Split Body (two pieces bolted body forged or casted)
  • Monoblock (two pieces bar stock, with threaded body con-struction)

FBV are available with thermoplastic seats (seat supported) or with metal seated configuration.

Seal selection and valve features are function of service condition.

Special Products

LCM Italia designs and produces also the following valve equipment:

  • Compact Modular ball valves for independent process dual isolation
  • Multi-ways ball valves for switching or diverting function. Special products are configured in a modular construction taking advantages from the engineered trim components available for the basic products.


Ball valves may be configured according to project requirement for:

  • Liquid, gas or multiphase fluids (including “foreign matters”).
  • Clean or dirty stream conditions (abrasive/erosive).
  • Non corrosive or corrosive service (c.a., CRA overlays as required).
  • Sweet, sour or severe sour configuration (lethal service included).
  • Low temperature (blow-down operable or not, arctic climes).
  • High temperature process conditions (special polymeric seals).
  • Manually operated or actuated for normal operation or emergency function (e.g. MOV, XV, SDV, ESDV, BDV, HIPPS, SSIV).


LCM ball valves may be installed in the following locations:

  • Above ground (from desert to arctic climes, insulated or not).
  • Underground installation (in pit or directly buried).
  • On-shore or Off-shore (top-side or subsea installation & service).

Coating requirements and selection of valve and operator accesso- ries are always based on project requirements.

Special Applications

Specialized designs are available for the following applications:

  • Cryogenic service (from GPL to LNG or other liquefied gas service).
  • Extreme high temperature (non-polymeric seals design).
  • Subsea applications (from shallow to deep water ROV operated).

LCM experience on special application it’s always at full disposal of operators/contractors to identify the most reliable and cost effective valve solution.

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