Especialidades Lumino Tecnicas

Especialidades Lumino Tecnicas (ELT) – Spanish company specialising in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of technologically advanced lighting solutions, customised engineering projects and systems interoperability.

ELT – Innovation in Lighting Technology

ELT – Especialidades Luminotécnicas S.A.U. is a Spanish business group specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of lighting solutions and which, over its more than 40 years, has achieved a leading position in the market. From the component through to the tools and the management and control systems, to entire solutions including the lighting fixtures, ELT is able to cover and respond to every demand and level of the lighting value chain.

With a clear focus on quality and technology supported by innovation and the development of new products and tools, ELT dedicates considerable resources to bringing advanced technological solutions to the market covering connectivity, smart street lighting management, customised engineering projects and system interoperability, where concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT) open up new scenarios for business-related models, positioning lighting as a service to society through a rational use of technology.

The mission of ELT is to speed up and finish its transformation started-up in the last years. The main aim is to convert ELT into a reference in new lighting solutions worldwide, just like in the commercialisation of associated services.

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