Pro Lock

Pro-Lock® Valve Lockout Device

A reusable valve lockout device, for use with most types of valve. Secure without the need for additional security such as padlocks or seals

Supplying the Oil, Gas & Chemicals Industries with our patented Pro-Lock Valve Lockout safety device & associated equipment.

Pro-Lock® Safety Ltd. – Made in Britain, Trusted Worldwide

Pro-Lock® was the brainchild of our MD Neil Blair, Neil has always seen himself as an Innovator, always looking to improve work practices and procedures. His production Experience covered both Total and Distributed Computer Control, Designing and building Computer Graphic Displays, and Day to Day outside activities both Onshore and Offshore.

It was while working in the North Sea he set himself the task of devising a more efficient way of Locking Valves.

Until then the procedure had involved using heavy chains, Zenex padlocks, or single-use cable seals. While this worked, he believed it wasn’t the most efficient or cost-effective way of doing things. The chains were heavy, padlocks would sometimes seize in the harsh conditions. Cable Seals were expensive.

The Pro-lock device was the result. On the face of it a simple idea, but the culmination of many years of experience, in the Industry, and some technical help and support from friends and colleagues in the initial stages.

Pro-lock was finally granted a patent in 1997 and Pro-lock Valve Lockout Ltd was founded in 1998.  Neil continued his employment with BP during the early stages, as the Company started Operating from Fleetwood, England.

Since then, Pro-Lock has grown year on year and can now say that we are one of if not the largest suppliers of cable valve lockout devices in the world.

Our Unique Colour Coded Lockout Devices are used across multiple Oil and Gas Installations, Other users include the MOD, NHS, National Water Utilities, Pharmaceutical Companies and other Multi-Nationals.

To date, we have sold over 1 million Pro-Locks, and become a leading supplier of Security and Cable Seals.