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Since the company was founded by William ‘Rath’ Pashley in 1926, we here at Pashley have been dedicated to hand-building high-quality bicycles and tricycles to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our customers. We are proud to be the longest-established British bicycle manufacturer and one of only three remaining here in the UK. Our bicycles are not only unique in their design and quality, but also in their connection to a well-established heritage of craftsmanship and innovation at our factory in Stratford-upon-Avon.

It is this British heritage that remains one of the strongest driving forces behind Pashley’s operations today. We have not bowed to the pressure to shift to cheaper overseas manufacture and are to this day committed to the tradition of UK production and craftmanship. As well as being a dedicated British manufacturer, we are directly supplied and supported by almost one hundred other British companies, thereby encouraging the ongoing resurgence of industry here in the heart of England. Although the demand for our bicycles has increased considerably in recent years, we do not wish to sacrifice quality for quantity, and therefore continue to focus on a small-scale, hands-on approach to production. We employ a close-knit team of experienced craftsmen who hand-build each cycle individually, ensuring an unparalleled level of quality and longevity in a bicycle that will provide years of performance, pleasure and reliability.

Another motivating factor for the team at Pashley is an ongoing and deep dedication to the satisfaction of our customers. We are very loyal to the owners of our cycles who in turn are highly discerning, and we therefore strive for constant innovation to match the needs and desires of these customers. We always embrace feedback and suggestions, and it is this that directly led to the development of The Pashley Collection by our small but focused design team. This is a unique and growing range of accessories and attire designed to complement our bicycles and their owners, and to support British producers wherever possible. The very same design team is constantly keen to innovate on our existing ranges of cycles by combining the traditional aspects of the company with quirky and fun new designs. This can be seen in the launch of the Britannia, a traditional bicycle intended to celebrate our British identity, as well as the Tube Rider, a rather more relaxed and unique take on a cruiser-style cycle. Pashley is focused on evolution rather than revolution, and we therefore seek to innovate whilst remaining true to our valued historical identity.

It is by combining a strong British heritage, an impeccable quality of hands-on manufacture and the urge to innovate that Pashley is able to be truly unique to this day. As we say, our bicycles are ‘different by design… distinctive by nature’, and we hope you agree and enjoy the experience that a Pashley cycle can bring.

The Pashley Factory

Here at Pashley we are very proud of our 90 years of heritage and the fact that we continue to hand-build our bicycles and tricycles at our factory in Stratford-upon-Avon, in the Heart of England.

Cycles are lovingly welded or brazed, powder-coat painted and assembled here in the factory. We use traditional manufacturing methods allied to modern materials and componentry to make our unique cycles, and ensure that they are of the highest quality for our growing number of customers around the world. 

With the cycles fully built and final touches like baskets and ding-dong bells added, our bicycles and tricycles are then despatched to Pashley dealers who give them a final check before handing over to happy customers. Our Carrier Cycles are also despatched to commercial customers where they will provide many years of loyal service in industry. 

Hand-Building a Bicycle…

We really do hand-build our cycles here, from the brazing of the raw steel to create the cycle frame, through to the final assembly of the cycle where its components and finishing touches are added. The following bullet points give a brief overview of our hand-build process:

  1. Frame tubes are manipulated into shape using bending machines (if required).
  2. Tubes are then mitred (cod-mouthing) so they fit together (beneath the lugs); this is done in the machine shop. 
  3. Tubes are then hand-assembled to form the frame.
  4. Tubes are then brazed (with brass) in a jig in the brazing bay (some frames are also still brazed in the hearth).
  5. ‘Braze-ons’ (e.g. cable guides) are then also brazed-on.
  6. The frame is then slotted and reamed in the machine shop – e.g. slotting of the seat clamp slot; and head-facing/reaming of the head tube, that cleans the head tube for the headset bearings fitment.
  7. The frame is then hand-cleaned of all surplus brass and swarf (a process called fettling).
  8. It is then sand blasted to clean the frame surface for painting.
  9. The frame and other fittings (e.g. mudguards and chaincase) are then sprayed with a powder base coat, and put through the oven to cure. Some mudguards are then pinstriped (by hand) and some frames have graphics applied, and a top lacquer is then sprayed on all components and they go into the oven again.
  10. When the frame and fittings have cooled, any additional graphics are applied.
  11. The frame is then prepped for assembly: the bottom bracket in fitted, the headset bearing pressed in, and any racks are fitted. The frame is then wrapped with crepe paper.
  12. The cycle is then assembled by the assembler: this involves the fitting of the remaining components, such as the wheels, brakes, handlebars, bells, and baskets.
  13. After quality-checking, the assembler carefully boxes the cycle and takes it to our dispatch area, ready for collection.
  14. The cycle is then collected and shipped to a Pashley dealer or commercial customer, in one of 50 countries around the world.

Classic Cycles: 

From our flagship traditional Princess and Roadster models to the exclusive Guv’nor Path Racer, every one of our cycles is hand-built to exacting standards. The range includes classic bicycles for commuting and leisure riding, as well as adult and children’s tricycles that provide stability and pleasure on three wheels.

Commercial Cycles: 

Pashley has supplied commercial and industrial customers with robust and reliable carrier bicycles and cargo tricycles for over 90 years. Our cycles offer fleet operators and other businesses an economical and environmentally friendly alternative for transporting goods and equipment, for postal delivery, and for food vending. Many hotels, leisure resorts and high street businesses also use Pashley bicycles – branded in their own livery – for use by their employees and customers.

City Hire Bikes: 

In recent years Pashley, with its experienced design & development team, have created World-leading products for city and urban hire schemes, including those in use in London and Edinburgh. 

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